Things I Love To do <3

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TOTALLY Obsessed with fishtails and Ballerina buns 😀

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Nails I LOVE LOVE LOVE Doing them even if there not 10000% perfect (which they never are)i just enjoy it 😀

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making jewellery this is my christmas time hobby…I like to start making jewellery when The fires on the warm fluffy pyjamas are out, and i have a  good old cup of tea and a great christmasy film is on. They make fantastic presents personally tailored to whoever is in mind 😀

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Paper flowers And Maypoles  alot of pepple dont know what a maypoe is but where im from we celebrate may day (1st may) and all the kids have to decorate a tennis racket or a umbrella with flowers and streamers and they take them to schol and do a parade with them. its a bit like a easter bonnet at easter but i have ALOT of young cousins who always want specifics like cinderella and the yellow and white one was originally belle from beauty and the beast but it got damaged at school they both consist of  400 PAPER FLOWERS each and i had a  2 day deadline i worked day and night to get them finished!

I Have quite a few hobbies hahaa maybe too much time on my hands… I’m my own worst critic when it comes to my hobbies its never good enough maybe why i don’t stick to one hobby 😀 Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you enjoy dong ;D








September 2013 GlossyBox

Hello Ladies

Septembers reveiw is here and im so excited glossybox have outdone themsleves this month and I love the box so much!!

IMG_2813 IMG_2818 IMG_2820

Amazing Right?

Mini Treat No.1:Eyelure Pre-Glued Lashes


Full Size Costs: £5.06 for one set
I Received: One set
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Pretty much goes without saying for me eyelure are my No.1 High street affordable quick fix eyelashes every time! I Adore them i do normally purchase a fuller longer lash from there range and i have never tried pre glued i normally use the ones that come with glue so it will be interesting to see how they compare but i have great faith in them they are a girls best friend.
overall rating 10/10
Mini Treat No.2: Toni & Guy Classic Shine & Gloss Serum
Full Size Costs: £7.19 for 30ml
I Received: The Full 30ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Maybe But I’m always swapping and changing hair products plus a little goes a long way so this will probably last me a while.
Its  A Great all rounder for winter the weathers getting glum and the elements are against us so this is fantastic for a little touch up here and there and you can apply it to dry hair without making a big greasy mess its smells lovely too that just stepped out of the salon scent.
overall rating:7/10
Mini Treat No.3: Be A Bomb Shell Cosmetics Onyx Eyeliner
IMG_2831 IMG_2832
Full Size Costs: £9.00 for 3g
I Received: the full size
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Wow Wow Wow i think my love for jelly pong pong has a new rival! WOW I love love love this eyeliner the nib on the pen is amazing! you can get so fine and precise strokes its unreal! and the price is great too! a nice neat black eyeliner is a timeless classic for any makeup bag.and this is perfect 🙂
overall rating 10/10
Mini Treat No.4: Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD
Full Size Costs: £48.00 for 50ml
I Received: 10ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Awww i love this perfume its so sweet and feminine it smells like the end of summer and beginning of winter all rolled into one perfect for a older lady or a gift for christmas i love this scent so much i already brought it 😀
Overall Rating 10/10
Mini Treat No.5: Rimmel London Stay Blushed Blusher
IMG_2824 IMG_2821 IMG_2822
Full Size Costs: £4.49 for 14ml
I Received:  the full 14ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Maybe
Normally pink is not my colour but the dewy fresh skin is all in this winter so ill be giving this pink cream blusher a go. I don’t normally use cream blushers either i find them too cakey,But the texture of this one seems to blend well I’m excited to try it.
Overall Rating 8/10
wether you will use the products on a daily basis or purchase them again glossy box have outdone themselves on sample sizes this month almost all were full size products how do they do it? amazing! I’m glad this months was a decent box compared to last month its made me even more excited for octobers edition :D:D 

August 2013 Glossy Box :)

Hellloo Ladies

Soo Its Time for my latest Installments of my most recent glossybox’s (yes there late again i know im sorry) But The august glossybox really didnt inspire me to review it at all. It wasnt the best glossy box ever but it was ok. And then i received septembers and it is amazing so that reveiw will be following shortly :D.

IMG_0609 IMG_0607IMG_0608

When i first opened this months box i was SO excited ! it was Perfect timing for my holiday to greece  “Glossybox Highflyers” then i opened it and didnt feel so excited.

all the stuff inside the box was great but didn’t really fit the theme??

Mini Treats No.1: Keratin Smooth Concentrated Treatment Shot


Full Size Costs: £5.50 for 300ml
I Received: 15ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Probably Not
With having frizzy unmanageable hair I’m always on the lookout for the next best taming product but this just didn’t seem to do it for me.the first problem was there wasn’t enough in the sample to do my whole hair so i just did the ends. it does smell very nice but with it being a concentrated shot i was expecting really good results and my hair didn’t fell or look that much smoother or tamed.
Overall Rating: 4/10
Mini Treat No.2:  UrbanVeda Turmeric + botanics Radiance Day Cream
Full Size Costs: £14.99 For 50mls
I Received: 10ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Maybe
I have Terrible skin as you might know by now so i like to try anything that promises beautiful glowing skin. This Product is okay. it smells divine good enough to eat… but it makes your skin feel tight almost like a facemask but once you have got past that it leaves skin brighter and smoother but i have used better products.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Mini Treat No.3: Oceane Make up remover Pen
Full Size Costs: £5.00
I Received: The Full Product
Would I Purchase This Product? No
I wouldn’t purchase this product as its pointless to me as a individual personally if i smudge my eyeliner i have always used a cotton bud or a baby wipe on the end of my finger i wouldn’t pay £5.00 for something that does what i already have things to do.iv never needed one before and i doubt i will need one in the future and mine was printed with a date from last October? and it was dusty and looked like it had been in a storage cupboard for a few months.
Overall Rating: 0/10
Mini Treat No.4: Jelly Pong Pong 2 In 1 Shadow Liner.
Full Size Costs: £10.50 For 1 Pencil
I Received: Full Size
Would I Purchase This Product? I most definitely would but i don’t have to yet cause i have a full size one ! :D:D

I love Jelly Pong Pong And i have glossy box to thank for introducing me to the brand as i had never heard of it before. its just a really good all rounder kind of makeup to have. this pencil is great it works as a eyeshadow for a really deep seductive smokey eye or a nice sharp line across the eyelid for a neat tidy all day long look its great i Love it!

Overall Rating: 10/10

Mini Treat No.5: Emite Eyelash Curlers


Full Size Costs: £20,00
I Received: –
Would I Purchase This Product? Well No But i wouldn’t have to cause i already have them.
What can i say about these they are very expensive eyelash curlers and i don’t mind blowing the budget on beauty products normally but these are ridiculously priced i would never purchase them myself. i don’t normally curl my eyelashes because they are naturally long and wispy but i just used these to see if they were worth the money and for me personally i didn’t notice anything dramatically different about my eyes maybe people who don’t have wispy eyelashes got a better result from them still a very generous gift though .
Thats All For August’s Glossybox Overall It wasn’t too bad but nothing i could really use for “High Flying” it just didn’t tie in with the theme in my opinion but its not a reflection on glossybox they are pretty much amazing every month. even though i wasn’t too excited about the box i still received extraordinary value for money.
Until next time ladies 

July 2013 GlossyBox


I just received Julys Glossy box And it Looks Amazing. Completely new style for glossy box its blue and summery and reminds me of the little mermaid. 😀 Yayyy.

First impressions I love love love this months new glossybox design its so summery and fresh!


I am soooo Excited to try all this stuff out 😀 Glossybox have done me proud this month!


Mini Treats No.1: Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz.


Full Size Costs: £6.00 for 100ml
I Received: The Full 100ml
Would I Purchase This Product?
I do really like this product especially in the hot weather were having at the smells rather nice its much like a soapy kind of smell.very refreshing But i started using this and the next day i had a breakout around my chin. I’m not saying it definitely was this product cause it might not of been but theres always a possibility it could of been and seeing as i spend most of my time trying to control my skin and outbreaks i wouldn’t want to add to it.
Overall Rating: 5/10
Mini Treat No.2: Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist.
Before                                                                                                 After
Photo on 15-07-2013 at 19.13Photo on 15-07-2013 at 19.23
                                                      Photo on 15-07-2013 at 19.43 #2
Full Size Costs: £23.00 For 125ml
I Received:25ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes 
I love This Product! it is perfect for my hair. I do have natural curly hair anyway it was straightened at the time but i added the bamboo spritz and it just controlled and enhanced my natural curls. i think this product is perfect for when i go on holiday its quick easy and not too badly priced. it did take the whole 25ml to achieve this look but i do have a lot of hair and its long. but i would defiantly recommend this product its a summer must have.
Overall Rating: 9/10
Mini Treat No.3: Coola Organic Sun-care Collection
Full Size Costs: £29.99 For 50ml
I Received: 7ml
Would I Purchase This Product: hmm Maybe
I Like this product it does its job it provides brilliant sun protection and is smooth and gentle on skin but i think its a tad pricey and there are many high street alternatives that work just aswell.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Mini Treat No.4: Essie Sleek Sticks
Full Size Costs: £9.99 For One Full Set
I Received: One Full Set
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
I was sooooo excited to use these as i have just ordered a set from Avon.i will be doing a Essie vs Avon At a later date :D. I like them i love the effect the idea of them no more waiting for nail polish to dry.its every girls nightmare you have just perfectly painted all of your nails and the phone rings BOOM Smudge! Nightmare! and to add insult to injury its normally a sales call!… anyway they are quite easy to use its the first time iv ever done it and you get in the kit a mini nail file to finish off. but thats the part i struggled with i could size them up perfectly and smooth them down but when it came towards the free edge of the nail i struggled to get them to smooth out and when i trimmed the ends with the file they didn’t adhere properly to the nail and lifted very shortly after. but i would definitely give them another go.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Mini Treat No.5: Sleek Makeup Pout Paint
                               Mauve over                                                                                   Minx
Full Size Costs: £4.99 for 8ml
I Received: 2x Full Size 8ml Tubes
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Before i start i hate my lips there a bit thin and I’m no Angelina Jolie so the pictures aren’t perfection but it was to demonstrate the pigment in these pout paints.! I LOVE them!! and i only used a tiny tiny dab on my lips! i especially love Minx.its so subtle and natural but still adds oomph and volume to your lips the mauve over is a little to bright for everyday but for a night-out or a fancy dress its perfect! i wouldn’t mind purchasing the electric blue or bright silver to achieve a more vibrant coral colour or a more vibrant pink that seems to be soo in this season. thats another thing you can mix them with other lipsticks and gloss’s to brighten or add vibrancy a definite make up must have!
Overall Rating 10/10
Well Ladies Thats all for july’s Glossy box I hope You Enjoyed And all reviews comments and suggestions are my own personal opinions.
Feel free to leave a comment or question below.
and if you haven’t already head over to glossyBox And sign yourself up for A special Treat Every Month For £12.95 (inc. P&P)

June 2013 GlossyBox

What Is Inside My Glossy box This Month??
Hello LadiesIts That time of the month again!! glossy box time!! Oh the excitement 😀

full and honest product reveiws to follow



Another Pretty Box 😀 But Whats Inside this month…?


Lots Of Lovely Mini Treats (Another nail polish) Eeeeeek

Mini Treat No.1: Monu Spa Hand And Nail Cream 50ml


Full Size Costs: £10.95 50ml
I Received: The Full 50ml
Would i Purchase This Product?: YesI got the full 50ml of this mini treat and i would defiantly buy it again.
its light and refreshing on hands and doesn’t leave a thick sticky residue which i hate! thats why I’m not a huge fa of hand creams my mum always ends up with them but not this one.It has a citrus like fragrance to it which is nice and pleasant.and leaves hands and nails moisturised and soft. 😀 

Overall Rating: 9/10

Mini Treat No.2:Organic Surge Shine Boost Conditioner 200ml


Full Size Costs: £5.99 200ml

I Received: 200ml

Would i Purchase This Product?  Most likely not only because it just doesn’t do much for my hair type.

This product is Brilliant for so many reasons its natural and organic which is a great bonus for hair as you don’t have lots of harsh chemicals damaging your locks.its also against animal testing which is fantastic.its lightweight and does add some shine to hair.the only down side is the smell isn’t great. and for me personally it just doesn’t suit my hair type. but its still great for those emergency situations of running out of conditioner.
Overall Rating: 5/10
Thats the box paid for in 2 mini treats 😀 Glossy box is Amazing value.!

Mini treat No.3: Growth Mascara By Gosh 10ml


Full Size Costs: £8.49 10ml

I Received: 10ml

Would i Purchase This Product? Yes Another Full size product!!
I would buy this again but i have already been spoilt with the jelly pong pong mascara when i first read the tube i didn’t really bother with it i thought it was just a standard mascara (proves how much influence packaging has) Do not be deceived this mascara is equally as good and thats only one coat of it imagine 3 or 4 fora night out. Brilliant product!
Overall rating: 9/10

Mini Treat No.4: Figs&Rouge Lip Balm Cherry Blossom 12.5ml


Full Size Costs: £5.00 12.5ml

I Received: 12.5ml Another Full size :D:D:D

Would i Purchase This Product? Yes
I like this product it has a Amazing smell, good enough to eat 🙂 it does what it says on the tube it nourishes softens and soothes! and it also it leaves a very subtle sheen and colour perfect for all year round.
Overall Rating:8/10

Mini Treat No.5: MeMeMe Long lasting nail gloss 12ml


Full Size Costs: £5.00 12ml

I Received: 12ml

Would i Purchase This Product? No
I really don’t like this product well this particular shade of this product anyway shade is 67 Graceful. as you can see from the image above there is just no pigment to the nail polish! none at all its not all that shiny and just doesn’t really do it for me.the only thing i liked about the polish was the applicator.
Overall Rating: 1/10

Thats my reveiws on June’s Glossybox 😀 I hope you enjoyed it.

(I know its a bit late )

All off the opinions above are entirely my own and honest reviews of my personal experience.and i know my photography isn’t perfect but i have done my best.


Thanks For reading.

The New Me

Hello Ladies

Iv not posted in a while because iv been sooo busy with my new health and fitness regime enjoying the sunshine with family (we never see the sun in England so when it comes out everybody runs out the house and crams into parks and pubs) we have to make the most of it.

Anyway this post is mainly about the new diet I have started well iv been on it 2 weeks now and iv lost 6lb!!!!

Ok so for a long time iv always been chubby well bigger than all the other girls and Wobblier so it feels anyway.and I have done fad diet after fad diet looking for a quick fix to loose weight once I even went to the extreme of spending £80.00 on a juicer and £100.00 on fruit let me tell you now spinach and cucumber juice is vile!! That lasted one day and I sent the juicer back and give the fruit away… I have done some extreme things in my life to loose weight none of which has worked until now!

It’s basically a meal supplement plan called celebrity slim and you can get soups or shakes ( I cannot stand shakes and I would say every diet has a shake in somewhere) YAK!! But I adapted it to my liking and on a typical day now I eat…

Fruit and yoghurt with variations of nuts and seeds

A celebrity slim soup they are really filling they taste like cupa soup

Either weight watchers meal with vegetables
Fresh fish (haddock,sea bass,tuna,etc) with vegetables

And I do exercise my favourite thing in life is to dance I used to dance professionally as a child but money got tight and I had to stop but I never give up my passion so when a dancing exercise routine came up I was more than happy to oblige and its FREE! And let’s be honest who can afford fancy expensive gym memberships these days and it takes about half an hour before bed. I Love it!

I diet and exercise religiously Monday to Friday then have a treat on a Saturday and diet again Sunday restart the next phase of exercise on Monday and to my surprise It actually works.

I also use a app on my phone to roughly count my calories throughout the day this helps a lot and once you start looking at calories you can’t stop!! And that’s when you start to realise why and how people end up overweight.

I think a diet isn’t really a diet it’s a lifestyle change that you have to be ready to make wether it’s the celebrity slim plan or my new mindset either way its working and I love it 🙂

I’ll keep you updated 😀

Don’t forget ladies Willpower is the key



20130607-032010 PM.jpg

20130607-032024 PM.jpg

Current Face Favourites

My Current Face Favourites

Hi Ladies
Iv not been on for a while I know 😦 my Internet broke 😦 but its all ok now and I’m back online 😀 Yaay….so anyway here is a list and short Review of my favourite face products at the minute I hope you enjoy follow and comment below 🙂

20130523-125743 PM.jpg


Mac Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum
I apply this as a base for my makeup as it really seems to rehydrate the skin and makes a brilliant base for anything that goes on top of it. One of my favourite things about this product is its lightweight and silky to touch and you only need a tiny but for the whole face!!
I Love This Stuff

Beautiful Movements Prime & Create Mixing Medium
On top of the Mac Prep + Prime brightening serum I applied this I don’t normally but it promised me a flawless coverage and that is the one thing I try to achieve every time I do my makeup! It goes on quite greasy but drys to a kind of velvety finish which is nice.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Spf10
I love this foundation I apply it with my fingertips and it just melts onto the skin and gives a nice coverage without feeling cakey and thick.i start from the middle of my face and blend out wards I add a tiny but more over my cheeks as these are my badly scarred gives a fresh faced dewy Finish which is nice :). I would love a foundation to give me 10000% Coverage and supermodel airbrushed skin but I have not found one yet so i really don’t see the point in going orange and having layers and layers of foundation just to look awful I would rather have one or 2 nice fresh layers and have A few blemishes. Layers of foundation solve nothing! But it is all personal choice of cause.

Mac Studio Fix Powder shade Nc30
I apply this with a brush instead of the pad that comes with it.if you have no liquid foundation on this is great for wearing on its own applied with a pad but if you have a liquid base underneath and apply it with a pad it tends to make your face dull and cakey…. So I dust this across my T-Zone as that’s where I get oily mostly 🙂

No.07 Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls
I Love These I have used these ever since I can remember and they last for ages…there’s no need to use excessive amounts just a swirl around the balls and a sweep across the cheeks and outside of the face.


Optrex Brightening Eyedrops
Sometimes I get tired itchy red eyes, so I drop 2 drops of this in each eye and my eyes instantly look bright awake and clean.they stay hydrated all day and there great for when your not had enough sleep.

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes
I have already done a Review on this product I Absolutely LOVE it! Nice long separated full lashes for a fresh faced natural look.i love it that much iv added it to my everyday routine 🙂 Highly recommended 🙂

That my current and up to date day time makeup routine I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to comment below 🙂