August 2013 Glossy Box :)

Hellloo Ladies

Soo Its Time for my latest Installments of my most recent glossybox’s (yes there late again i know im sorry) But The august glossybox really didnt inspire me to review it at all. It wasnt the best glossy box ever but it was ok. And then i received septembers and it is amazing so that reveiw will be following shortly :D.

IMG_0609 IMG_0607IMG_0608

When i first opened this months box i was SO excited ! it was Perfect timing for my holiday to greece  “Glossybox Highflyers” then i opened it and didnt feel so excited.

all the stuff inside the box was great but didn’t really fit the theme??

Mini Treats No.1: Keratin Smooth Concentrated Treatment Shot


Full Size Costs: £5.50 for 300ml
I Received: 15ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Probably Not
With having frizzy unmanageable hair I’m always on the lookout for the next best taming product but this just didn’t seem to do it for me.the first problem was there wasn’t enough in the sample to do my whole hair so i just did the ends. it does smell very nice but with it being a concentrated shot i was expecting really good results and my hair didn’t fell or look that much smoother or tamed.
Overall Rating: 4/10
Mini Treat No.2:  UrbanVeda Turmeric + botanics Radiance Day Cream
Full Size Costs: £14.99 For 50mls
I Received: 10ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Maybe
I have Terrible skin as you might know by now so i like to try anything that promises beautiful glowing skin. This Product is okay. it smells divine good enough to eat… but it makes your skin feel tight almost like a facemask but once you have got past that it leaves skin brighter and smoother but i have used better products.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Mini Treat No.3: Oceane Make up remover Pen
Full Size Costs: £5.00
I Received: The Full Product
Would I Purchase This Product? No
I wouldn’t purchase this product as its pointless to me as a individual personally if i smudge my eyeliner i have always used a cotton bud or a baby wipe on the end of my finger i wouldn’t pay £5.00 for something that does what i already have things to do.iv never needed one before and i doubt i will need one in the future and mine was printed with a date from last October? and it was dusty and looked like it had been in a storage cupboard for a few months.
Overall Rating: 0/10
Mini Treat No.4: Jelly Pong Pong 2 In 1 Shadow Liner.
Full Size Costs: £10.50 For 1 Pencil
I Received: Full Size
Would I Purchase This Product? I most definitely would but i don’t have to yet cause i have a full size one ! :D:D

I love Jelly Pong Pong And i have glossy box to thank for introducing me to the brand as i had never heard of it before. its just a really good all rounder kind of makeup to have. this pencil is great it works as a eyeshadow for a really deep seductive smokey eye or a nice sharp line across the eyelid for a neat tidy all day long look its great i Love it!

Overall Rating: 10/10

Mini Treat No.5: Emite Eyelash Curlers


Full Size Costs: £20,00
I Received: –
Would I Purchase This Product? Well No But i wouldn’t have to cause i already have them.
What can i say about these they are very expensive eyelash curlers and i don’t mind blowing the budget on beauty products normally but these are ridiculously priced i would never purchase them myself. i don’t normally curl my eyelashes because they are naturally long and wispy but i just used these to see if they were worth the money and for me personally i didn’t notice anything dramatically different about my eyes maybe people who don’t have wispy eyelashes got a better result from them still a very generous gift though .
Thats All For August’s Glossybox Overall It wasn’t too bad but nothing i could really use for “High Flying” it just didn’t tie in with the theme in my opinion but its not a reflection on glossybox they are pretty much amazing every month. even though i wasn’t too excited about the box i still received extraordinary value for money.
Until next time ladies 

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