June 2013 GlossyBox

What Is Inside My Glossy box This Month??
Hello LadiesIts That time of the month again!! glossy box time!! Oh the excitement 😀

full and honest product reveiws to follow



Another Pretty Box 😀 But Whats Inside this month…?


Lots Of Lovely Mini Treats (Another nail polish) Eeeeeek

Mini Treat No.1: Monu Spa Hand And Nail Cream 50ml


Full Size Costs: £10.95 50ml
I Received: The Full 50ml
Would i Purchase This Product?: YesI got the full 50ml of this mini treat and i would defiantly buy it again.
its light and refreshing on hands and doesn’t leave a thick sticky residue which i hate! thats why I’m not a huge fa of hand creams my mum always ends up with them but not this one.It has a citrus like fragrance to it which is nice and pleasant.and leaves hands and nails moisturised and soft. 😀 

Overall Rating: 9/10

Mini Treat No.2:Organic Surge Shine Boost Conditioner 200ml


Full Size Costs: £5.99 200ml

I Received: 200ml

Would i Purchase This Product?  Most likely not only because it just doesn’t do much for my hair type.

This product is Brilliant for so many reasons its natural and organic which is a great bonus for hair as you don’t have lots of harsh chemicals damaging your locks.its also against animal testing which is fantastic.its lightweight and does add some shine to hair.the only down side is the smell isn’t great. and for me personally it just doesn’t suit my hair type. but its still great for those emergency situations of running out of conditioner.
Overall Rating: 5/10
Thats the box paid for in 2 mini treats 😀 Glossy box is Amazing value.!

Mini treat No.3: Growth Mascara By Gosh 10ml


Full Size Costs: £8.49 10ml

I Received: 10ml

Would i Purchase This Product? Yes Another Full size product!!
I would buy this again but i have already been spoilt with the jelly pong pong mascara when i first read the tube i didn’t really bother with it i thought it was just a standard mascara (proves how much influence packaging has) Do not be deceived this mascara is equally as good and thats only one coat of it imagine 3 or 4 fora night out. Brilliant product!
Overall rating: 9/10

Mini Treat No.4: Figs&Rouge Lip Balm Cherry Blossom 12.5ml


Full Size Costs: £5.00 12.5ml

I Received: 12.5ml Another Full size :D:D:D

Would i Purchase This Product? Yes
I like this product it has a Amazing smell, good enough to eat 🙂 it does what it says on the tube it nourishes softens and soothes! and it also it leaves a very subtle sheen and colour perfect for all year round.
Overall Rating:8/10

Mini Treat No.5: MeMeMe Long lasting nail gloss 12ml


Full Size Costs: £5.00 12ml

I Received: 12ml

Would i Purchase This Product? No
I really don’t like this product well this particular shade of this product anyway shade is 67 Graceful. as you can see from the image above there is just no pigment to the nail polish! none at all its not all that shiny and just doesn’t really do it for me.the only thing i liked about the polish was the applicator.
Overall Rating: 1/10

Thats my reveiws on June’s Glossybox 😀 I hope you enjoyed it.

(I know its a bit late )

All off the opinions above are entirely my own and honest reviews of my personal experience.and i know my photography isn’t perfect but i have done my best.


Thanks For reading.


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