Gillete Venus &Olay Razor And Shave Gel

20130512-012833 AM.jpg

I just thought I would do a quick review on this product as it looks fantastic…But does it do what it says on the packaging?

First of all the packaging on the razor itself and the sensitive shave gel is great it may as well have BUY ME NOW Written all over it… I’m not gonna lie its one if the first things I was drawn to as I was scrolling through the beauty section of Asda ( doing the weekly shop).

Another thing that attracted me to both products was the price… I thought because it was new and 2 top brand products the price would be ridiculous but as many of the Venus razors it was on special offer £5.00 for the razor and £2.00 for the sensitive shave gel. (Normally £10.99 for the razor and the shave gel normally between £3-£4.00. So to get both for under £10.00 is great value.

The Shave
I don’t know about you but me+a sharp razor such as Bic = DISASTER!
I always manage to cut and slice myself in ways that I don’t think are possible they tend to just bite into my legs constantly. Normally I come out of the bathroom with tissue stuck all over my legs! Honestly I’m terrible! Another thing is its so time consuming I just want to relax in the bath but when it’s shave day Ugh! I hate it !
But with this the shave was actually enjoyable and surprisingly quick (and no injury) I would say you don’t need shave gel with this razor though as it has 2 moister bars they can be quite gooey on your legs which acts as a shave gel but when you wash the gooeyness away …your legs really do feel so silky soft, almost as if you have had a wax!

The Verdict
I don’t think I would pay for replacement blades as with all Venus Gillette razors its just cheaper to buy a whole new razor as there is always one on offer for £5.00 or under.and they last for AGESS…
The result is really worth giving this product a try… But like I said the shave gel really isn’t necessary I don’t know if anyone else has this but when I buy something I have to have the matching products…as you probably can tell and that was my reason for purchasing the shave gel as well as packaging ;P if your going to try something you may as well do it properly. 😀

Feel free to comment below with you own experiences and opinions 😀



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