Things I Love To do <3

IMG_2571 IMG_1021 IMG_0516


TOTALLY Obsessed with fishtails and Ballerina buns 😀

IMG_2409 IMG_2322 IMG_2846 IMG_2562 photo 2 IMG_2111 IMG_2482 IMG_2106 IMG_2099


Nails I LOVE LOVE LOVE Doing them even if there not 10000% perfect (which they never are)i just enjoy it 😀

IMG_0325 IMG_0355

making jewellery this is my christmas time hobby…I like to start making jewellery when The fires on the warm fluffy pyjamas are out, and i have a  good old cup of tea and a great christmasy film is on. They make fantastic presents personally tailored to whoever is in mind 😀

IMG_0860 IMG_1362 IMG_1400IMG_1215 IMG_1239 IMG_1339IMG_0926 IMG_0903 IMG_1249DSCN0237 DSCN0261


Paper flowers And Maypoles  alot of pepple dont know what a maypoe is but where im from we celebrate may day (1st may) and all the kids have to decorate a tennis racket or a umbrella with flowers and streamers and they take them to schol and do a parade with them. its a bit like a easter bonnet at easter but i have ALOT of young cousins who always want specifics like cinderella and the yellow and white one was originally belle from beauty and the beast but it got damaged at school they both consist of  400 PAPER FLOWERS each and i had a  2 day deadline i worked day and night to get them finished!

I Have quite a few hobbies hahaa maybe too much time on my hands… I’m my own worst critic when it comes to my hobbies its never good enough maybe why i don’t stick to one hobby 😀 Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you enjoy dong ;D








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