The New Me

Hello Ladies

Iv not posted in a while because iv been sooo busy with my new health and fitness regime enjoying the sunshine with family (we never see the sun in England so when it comes out everybody runs out the house and crams into parks and pubs) we have to make the most of it.

Anyway this post is mainly about the new diet I have started well iv been on it 2 weeks now and iv lost 6lb!!!!

Ok so for a long time iv always been chubby well bigger than all the other girls and Wobblier so it feels anyway.and I have done fad diet after fad diet looking for a quick fix to loose weight once I even went to the extreme of spending £80.00 on a juicer and £100.00 on fruit let me tell you now spinach and cucumber juice is vile!! That lasted one day and I sent the juicer back and give the fruit away… I have done some extreme things in my life to loose weight none of which has worked until now!

It’s basically a meal supplement plan called celebrity slim and you can get soups or shakes ( I cannot stand shakes and I would say every diet has a shake in somewhere) YAK!! But I adapted it to my liking and on a typical day now I eat…

Fruit and yoghurt with variations of nuts and seeds

A celebrity slim soup they are really filling they taste like cupa soup

Either weight watchers meal with vegetables
Fresh fish (haddock,sea bass,tuna,etc) with vegetables

And I do exercise my favourite thing in life is to dance I used to dance professionally as a child but money got tight and I had to stop but I never give up my passion so when a dancing exercise routine came up I was more than happy to oblige and its FREE! And let’s be honest who can afford fancy expensive gym memberships these days and it takes about half an hour before bed. I Love it!

I diet and exercise religiously Monday to Friday then have a treat on a Saturday and diet again Sunday restart the next phase of exercise on Monday and to my surprise It actually works.

I also use a app on my phone to roughly count my calories throughout the day this helps a lot and once you start looking at calories you can’t stop!! And that’s when you start to realise why and how people end up overweight.

I think a diet isn’t really a diet it’s a lifestyle change that you have to be ready to make wether it’s the celebrity slim plan or my new mindset either way its working and I love it 🙂

I’ll keep you updated 😀

Don’t forget ladies Willpower is the key



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20130607-032024 PM.jpg


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