May 2013 GlossyBox

What Is Inside My Glossy box This Month??

Hello Ladies

If your not already subscribed to glossy box and you live and breath all things beauty you should definitely go straight over to glossy box and sign up right away they have many different options but i have the monthly rolling subscription and it costs £12.95 including p&p.

I promise you will not regret it! 5 mini treats delivered to your door every month! whats not to like?

if your still not sure just keep reading…

Glossybox Unboxing and first look…


the boxes are very pretty and make great storage for makeup and bits and bobs 😀


I love this part, pulling the ribbon and finding out whats inside…


Overview of whats inside as you can see there not really samples more mini treats or travel sized…you always get enough to discover the full potential of the product… its great!

The first thing i noticed was the free gift from glossy box as it is there 2nd birthday. i received these cute mini nail files which i think are to pretty to use… I’m weird like that!


Mini Treat No.1:BellaPierre Super Lipgloss 9ml



Full Size Costs: £12.99 for 9ml

I Received: The Full 9ml

Would i Purchase This Product?: Yes in a different shade

(yes i got a full size Treat and that was the price of the box in one Treat!)

i received this in a raspberry shade,a little to dark for me but the taste,scent and quality of the lipgloss overall was nice.A slick glossy finish with a hint of colour.The perfect addition to anyones collection this summer.It is made from all natural ingredients and enriched with Vitamin E,Jojoba and avocado.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Mini Treat No.2: L’Occitane En Provence Angelica Hydration Cream


Full Size Costs: £30.00 for 50ml

I Received: 15ml

Would i Buy This Product ?: No

Im normally a great fan of L’Occitane products but this for me isn’t that great for my skin type…it says on the description “a true natural radiance boost perfect for that highly coveted dewy springtime complexion”…i used this cream in the morning and i found it kind of sits on top of the skin and takes a long while to fully soak in and its quite sticky and greasy… not great for me as i have combination oily skin so if i apply makeup on top of it,it literally feels like my makeup is sliding of my face…but on the flip side using this Mini Treat before bed you should wake up in the morning with your skin feeling refreshed soft and supple (depending on skin type)…. not every product is for everyone and this just doesn’t seem to benefit me that much.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Mini Treat No.3: Beautiful Movements Prime&Create Mixing Medium

Beautiful Movement Prime &Create Beautiful Movement prime and create

Full Size Costs: £20.00 for 20g

I Received: 2.5g

Would i Buy This Product ?: Yes

This mini treat has really got me excited. at first glance i had no idea what is was.well… its a new product by beautiful movements cosmetics and it sounds fantastic!… you can use it as a primer, mix it with foundation for a “airbrush” effect (that’s what really tickled my fancy who doesn’t want that?),powder blushers to create a cream blush or tint and with eyeshadow pigments to create liquid eyeliners.This mini treat sounds so promising… it goes onto skin very matte and silky and absorbs quickly it also has a certain radiance to it almost illuminating. i think i will be purchasing the full size 😀

Overall Rating: 8/10

Mini Treat No.4: Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara

Jelly Pong Pony Fairy Lashes Mascara Eye

Full Size Costs: £15.00 for 8ml

I Received: 8ml

Would i Buy This Product ?: Yes

Awww I adore this product…the packaging is so sweet and cute and it reminds me of unicorns and being a little girl again.and the name jelly pong pong it sounds like something my boyfriend would call me! it would make the perfect gift but trust me once purchased you will not want to give this one away! if you find it difficult to curl your lashes and get the right amount of volume without applying 100 million coats of mascara and then ending up with a clumpy mess… then this is the mascara for you its quick its light on the eyelashes its easy it dry’s fast and 2 coats is all i needed for a simple natural daytime look maybe a few more coats for a nigh time look.i really think i scored with this mini treat!

*Summer Make Up Must Have*

Overall Rating: 9/10

Mini Treat No.5: Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie Paris

Full Size Costs: £4.05 for 15ml

I Received: 15ml

Would i Buy This Product ?: Yes

I really have saved the best until last… This Seriously should be part of every Ladies beauty regime! This mini treat can be used…

In the bath i  poured this into hot running water and even though it doesn’t foam it still smells great and leaves skin silky soft… while i was in the bath i used this…On my face! Yep i have oily combination skin and i put oil on my face!! i massaged it in all over for about 5 minutes then i soaked a face cloth in hot water and lay it over the top as a kind of hot cloth cleanser then i rinsed my face and my skin was soo silky soft! when i got out the bath i applied this to my…Body! Yep i shaved my legs and then instead of a moisturiser i applied this oil to my legs my neck my chest shoulders arms back tummy everywhere! then i brushed out the knots in my hair (i have crazy frizzy curly hair) then i applied this oil to the ends of my hair! Yep you read right i applied it to the ends of my hair and it sealed of my split ends and revived my curls to super sleek and sexy!!

so who doesn’t want this oil? it is amazing and it will become a regular treat in my routine. i really cannot rave about this oil enough and iv hardly made a dent in the bottle! the price is very reasonable for 15ml which is a perfect mini treat size 😀

it can also be used as a massage oil 🙂

i told you its perfect!

Overall Rating 10/10

so ladies if your looking for the perfect way to treat yourself each month for a small price and some really great bargains glossy box is perfect for you.

I know my photography isn’t great but i tried my best 🙂

Feel free to tell me about your own glossy box experience in the comments below.



All off the opinions above are entirely my own and honest reviews of my personal experience.



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