About Me…


I’m Female I’m 21 Years Old I LOVE anything Beauty!

My main area of beauty is Skincare I developed PCOS Syndrome and as a result I have really bad horrible breakouts and un even skin tone I have tried everything from luxury to high street… iv seen slight improvements but nothing concrete so I’m so… like millions of other women I’m still searching for that miracle wonder product when I find it I will be sure to let you know…

But until then join me on a journey of all things Blemished&Beautiful


Why I Have Started a Blog…

I started a blog as I wanted a hobby and I’m passionate about Beauty and expressing my opinions I have tried everything from jewellery making to Giving up completely on ever finding something I’m good at…. Blogging somehow feels right to me. Maybe People wont read anything I ever write or maybe they wont enjoy how I write … But I will always know that my opinion is out there somewhere and it might one day help someone make that all important decision of “is this product Really Worth The Money” or answer the question of “what is this?” “what does it do?” “how do i use it?”

Because that is the question on everybody’s lips when you’re hovering over that little something online that promises to be that miracle potion…


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