September 2013 GlossyBox

Hello Ladies

Septembers reveiw is here and im so excited glossybox have outdone themsleves this month and I love the box so much!!

IMG_2813 IMG_2818 IMG_2820

Amazing Right?

Mini Treat No.1:Eyelure Pre-Glued Lashes


Full Size Costs: £5.06 for one set
I Received: One set
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Pretty much goes without saying for me eyelure are my No.1 High street affordable quick fix eyelashes every time! I Adore them i do normally purchase a fuller longer lash from there range and i have never tried pre glued i normally use the ones that come with glue so it will be interesting to see how they compare but i have great faith in them they are a girls best friend.
overall rating 10/10
Mini Treat No.2: Toni & Guy Classic Shine & Gloss Serum
Full Size Costs: £7.19 for 30ml
I Received: The Full 30ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Maybe But I’m always swapping and changing hair products plus a little goes a long way so this will probably last me a while.
Its  A Great all rounder for winter the weathers getting glum and the elements are against us so this is fantastic for a little touch up here and there and you can apply it to dry hair without making a big greasy mess its smells lovely too that just stepped out of the salon scent.
overall rating:7/10
Mini Treat No.3: Be A Bomb Shell Cosmetics Onyx Eyeliner
IMG_2831 IMG_2832
Full Size Costs: £9.00 for 3g
I Received: the full size
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Wow Wow Wow i think my love for jelly pong pong has a new rival! WOW I love love love this eyeliner the nib on the pen is amazing! you can get so fine and precise strokes its unreal! and the price is great too! a nice neat black eyeliner is a timeless classic for any makeup bag.and this is perfect 🙂
overall rating 10/10
Mini Treat No.4: Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD
Full Size Costs: £48.00 for 50ml
I Received: 10ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Awww i love this perfume its so sweet and feminine it smells like the end of summer and beginning of winter all rolled into one perfect for a older lady or a gift for christmas i love this scent so much i already brought it 😀
Overall Rating 10/10
Mini Treat No.5: Rimmel London Stay Blushed Blusher
IMG_2824 IMG_2821 IMG_2822
Full Size Costs: £4.49 for 14ml
I Received:  the full 14ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Maybe
Normally pink is not my colour but the dewy fresh skin is all in this winter so ill be giving this pink cream blusher a go. I don’t normally use cream blushers either i find them too cakey,But the texture of this one seems to blend well I’m excited to try it.
Overall Rating 8/10
wether you will use the products on a daily basis or purchase them again glossy box have outdone themselves on sample sizes this month almost all were full size products how do they do it? amazing! I’m glad this months was a decent box compared to last month its made me even more excited for octobers edition :D:D 

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