July 2013 GlossyBox


I just received Julys Glossy box And it Looks Amazing. Completely new style for glossy box its blue and summery and reminds me of the little mermaid. 😀 Yayyy.

First impressions I love love love this months new glossybox design its so summery and fresh!


I am soooo Excited to try all this stuff out 😀 Glossybox have done me proud this month!


Mini Treats No.1: Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz.


Full Size Costs: £6.00 for 100ml
I Received: The Full 100ml
Would I Purchase This Product?
I do really like this product especially in the hot weather were having at the moment.it smells rather nice its much like a soapy kind of smell.very refreshing But i started using this and the next day i had a breakout around my chin. I’m not saying it definitely was this product cause it might not of been but theres always a possibility it could of been and seeing as i spend most of my time trying to control my skin and outbreaks i wouldn’t want to add to it.
Overall Rating: 5/10
Mini Treat No.2: Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist.
Before                                                                                                 After
Photo on 15-07-2013 at 19.13Photo on 15-07-2013 at 19.23
                                                      Photo on 15-07-2013 at 19.43 #2
Full Size Costs: £23.00 For 125ml
I Received:25ml
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes 
I love This Product! it is perfect for my hair. I do have natural curly hair anyway it was straightened at the time but i added the bamboo spritz and it just controlled and enhanced my natural curls. i think this product is perfect for when i go on holiday its quick easy and not too badly priced. it did take the whole 25ml to achieve this look but i do have a lot of hair and its long. but i would defiantly recommend this product its a summer must have.
Overall Rating: 9/10
Mini Treat No.3: Coola Organic Sun-care Collection
Full Size Costs: £29.99 For 50ml
I Received: 7ml
Would I Purchase This Product: hmm Maybe
I Like this product it does its job it provides brilliant sun protection and is smooth and gentle on skin but i think its a tad pricey and there are many high street alternatives that work just aswell.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Mini Treat No.4: Essie Sleek Sticks
Full Size Costs: £9.99 For One Full Set
I Received: One Full Set
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
I was sooooo excited to use these as i have just ordered a set from Avon.i will be doing a Essie vs Avon At a later date :D. I like them i love the effect the idea of them no more waiting for nail polish to dry.its every girls nightmare you have just perfectly painted all of your nails and the phone rings BOOM Smudge! Nightmare! and to add insult to injury its normally a sales call!… anyway they are quite easy to use its the first time iv ever done it and you get in the kit a mini nail file to finish off. but thats the part i struggled with i could size them up perfectly and smooth them down but when it came towards the free edge of the nail i struggled to get them to smooth out and when i trimmed the ends with the file they didn’t adhere properly to the nail and lifted very shortly after. but i would definitely give them another go.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Mini Treat No.5: Sleek Makeup Pout Paint
                               Mauve over                                                                                   Minx
Full Size Costs: £4.99 for 8ml
I Received: 2x Full Size 8ml Tubes
Would I Purchase This Product? Yes
Before i start i hate my lips there a bit thin and I’m no Angelina Jolie so the pictures aren’t perfection but it was to demonstrate the pigment in these pout paints.! I LOVE them!! and i only used a tiny tiny dab on my lips! i especially love Minx.its so subtle and natural but still adds oomph and volume to your lips the mauve over is a little to bright for everyday but for a night-out or a fancy dress its perfect! i wouldn’t mind purchasing the electric blue or bright silver to achieve a more vibrant coral colour or a more vibrant pink that seems to be soo in this season. thats another thing you can mix them with other lipsticks and gloss’s to brighten or add vibrancy a definite make up must have!
Overall Rating 10/10
Well Ladies Thats all for july’s Glossy box I hope You Enjoyed And all reviews comments and suggestions are my own personal opinions.
Feel free to leave a comment or question below.
and if you haven’t already head over to glossyBox And sign yourself up for A special Treat Every Month For £12.95 (inc. P&P)

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