Avon Polishes

Avon Nailwear Pro

Over the past 6 months iv developed a very unhealthy obsession with Avon nail polish’s The colours are just so pretty they draw me in and force me to buy them!!

And overall they seem to be a great polish and leave a nice finish.They tend to last a week at least without chipping which is brilliant because iv had other more expensive brands that last one day then chip “/ which is RUBBISH nobody wants that to happen! There’s nothin worse than painting your nails and then BANG Smudge or waking up the next day and BOOM Chip.

Because of the way this polish lasts I decided to buy a few products from the Nail Experts range.
My train of thought and the logic behind it was that if the polish lasts this well with no undercoat over coat etc…. The nail experts products will only increase the lasting effect and make it better. Apparently Not!

I decided to buy the Gel Strength Base Coat which is great on its own to strengthen the nail bed But it can turn a yellowish dull brown after a few days so it’s best to apply a colour on top ….
After the base coat and colour I used the 24K strengthening polish which is again great on its own but it seems to be very oily when you rub across the nails it leaves a oily substances on your fingers…. When applied over base coat and colour it leaves a really nice finish as it has tiny gold flecks in the clear polish (apply over black liquorice for a really nice unique finish) but be warned you have to leave it at least 3 hours to fully dry else you tend to get a tacky sticky finish that just chips and smudges which isn’t to great.

Overall Avon colours seem to be a great product for a fair price Especially when they are on sale! Which is almost every month.

I think my next nail purchase will be a decent luxury top coat I’m looking to buy CHANEL
LAQUE BRILLIANCE EXTREME Extreme Shine (I LOVE Chanel) …. If anyone has any suggestions or tips just pop a comment below 😀

I’m searching for the perfect glass finish that you always see in the magazines without turning to gel nails or acrylics because I have naturally long nails in pretty good condition a good top coat is all I need…. When I get round to finding a amazing top coat I will be sure to post a review…



20130510-111149 AM.jpg

20130510-111137 AM.jpg


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