Hoar Cross Hall

Ok  so here goes my first ever blog post I Hope You Enjoy & Comment Below…

Last week i was lucky enough to experience the pleasures of Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort.It was part of my 21st Birthday present and after reading some awful reviews on the internet lets just say i wasn’t exactly looking forward to it.After my return i thought i would review it myself based on my experience so here goes…


11.30AM First Impressions Check In && Exploring

My very first impression of the actual stately home was “WOW i cannot believe a normal person like me will be staying here! its worlds apart from my day-to-day life! I am so lucky!!”

when we entered the reception it was CHAOS! there must have been 4-5 groups of people checking in at the same time! everybody was busying about looking for pens filling out forms asking questions filling in medical forms it was madness! and there was only 2 staff! very well-groomed and snotty faced (as expected) but all they had to say to everyone was one word answers and would you like a morning paper or wake up call? and that was it off you go and get lost in this maze of corridors and doors ! SO MANY DOORS! It was very very stressful! Because it was my 21st birthday my mum had phoned in advanced and asked if it was ok to bring a cake they said that was fine and it would be stored in the kitchens until dinner. we handed the cake to the reception staff and it was left to balance on a stool behind the desk were anyone could have knocked it or banged it! I wasn’t best pleased about this but gave them the benefit of the doubt to get themselves sorted in all the chaos.

The next obstacle was trying to obtain one of the beautiful soft luxurious robes that everybody seemed to be walking around in. WELL! the reception staff said yes down at the spa reception and that was all they said! the lady who was working on the hair salon reception gave us these directions

“go down the corridor do a little left and right and its down there”


eventually we found a set of stairs and acquired one of these robes to walk around in that’s when the fun begins…

If there’s is one thing about Hoar Cross Hall I would recommend its the facilities (once you have found them) oh my …. swimming pools,Jacuzzi’s,saunas,solarium,steam rooms the list is endless and each one as good as the last if not better! all of the morning stress was melted away by the beautiful bubbles and soothing music! But they really should provide a map!

2.30PM PrincessAnne Suite Room 110 && Dining with Millionaires!!

At 2.30 we went to reception to find it a lot calmer so we decided to get the key to our room.when we reached the check in desk my cake was still sat there balancing on the same stool WITH THE RECEPTIONTIONIST JACKET LAID ON TOP OF IT! HOW DARE SHE! WERE THEY HAVING ME ON?! an expensive 21st birthday cake that was handmade and 2 tiers high with her jacket laid on top of it! so my mum being the bold and brass person she is asked her to move it she did as was asked but the look on her face… if looks could kill!

After this whole commotion we decided to have tea in the lounge and met a lovely gentleman that worked there called terry. he explained that his wife had cancer and she was now recovering and he also gave us some history on the building and the owners…he was the only member of staff that seemed generally interested in talking to us and just adding that little extra personal touch.

All Compliments to Terry And Good Wishes To His Wife Jenny.

Dinner was AMAZING! The food and restaurant staff OUTSTANDING! they could not be more attentive.we also got to dine next to the owners!! Directly next to them and they sang a happy birthday!! and the lady owner took pictures of me on her personal phone and pictures of my cake and pictures of me and my mum I couldn’t belive it! they were the nicest down to earth people you have ever met. the way the staff behaved I was expecting them to be obnoxious and rude but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Dinner was a little bit of a laugh we had complimentary champagne and so many different knives and forks I didn’t know what was what!! my mum had to text her friend to find out how to hold a champagne flute properly! and when the canapés arrived we wasn’t sure whether to eat them or just look at them!!!

After dinner we had coffee cheese and biscuits! then retired to our beds. THE most comfiest bed ever! so soft and bouncy! The next day we had to check out of the room by 11.00am and settle the bill. even though we had already paid for the facials in an indulgence pack they were added to the bill so they tried to charge us twice for them! The Cheek! but it was dealt with professionally and quickly then we had the whole day to carry on lounging around in bubbles! until 4.30pm…..

Then BOOM back to reality! 😦

Overall I would recommend Hoar cross despite what people say… It Is What you make of it 🙂

The Stately Home

The Stately Home WOW!

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!

The cake that nearly never was!

Enjoying the Grounds

Enjoying The Grounds 🙂

Nice And Relaxed :)

Nice And Relaxed 😀

I did love my Cake! :D

I Really Did Love My Cake


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